I am a 22 year old artist & 3D designer born in England and currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. My practise is mostly concerned with the effects of technological systems on our society and the sense of the self. I use computer generated video software to create landscapes and environments that represent these ideas, as well as 3D-printed and cast sculptures that create a physical link to the quite often intangible content on screen.

    My work aims to look at the constant presence of virtual systems, doing so through the exploration of the barrier between our physical lives and the signal based information we digest: the internet, video games, television, cinema, radio. I am interested in looking at the relationship between the virtual and the physical as one that operates through a permeable membrane. In osmosis molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. I believe that information passes between the virtual and the physical in a similar way; both effect and are effected by each other constantly. The connection of the two has been a rapid and potentially irreversible process, and I aim to explore the sometimes mythical nature of this new-found relationship.

    I am also interested in the ethics, psychological and societal impacts around virtual systems. Both a utopian tool for good and an often more hidden dystopian tool that can be used for the opposite, virtual systems are defined by their paradoxes. Does the maker of a system embed their moral position onto the technology that they create or can a system remain neutral? Can a system itself ever be held accountable?